Experience and Expertise

I work with businesses that

  • Have employees in Hungary

When your organization is multi-lingual, you need to make the utmost effort to make sure everyone is represented. Workers who aren’t receiving information, training, and updates in a language that they fully understand, aren’t able to give their best. One way for businesses to overcome language problems is providing translation in their language.

  • Have customers in Hungary

Shoppers are less likely to purchase an item from a site that is not in their native language and the vast majority always visit websites that feature their preferred language. By providing customers with product information in native languages, you greatly increase the chances of making a sale.

  • Do business in Hungary

It is important that everyone is on the same page when talking about the financial situation, negotiating a deal or closing a contract. Presenting financial and legal documents in a language that one of the parties does not fully understand could have serious consequences. Professional translation is the best path toward everyone understanding the meaning and intent of the documents in question.

What I do

  • I translate your document to Hungarian maintaining the original message and sentiments while at the same time making it suitable for your Hungarian target audience by taking into account the culture surrounding the language.

  • I produce translations that reflect the terminology, expressions and syntax commonly used in the business, financial and legal sector.

I am Bernadett Kalocsa

With a degree in Economics, Commercial Law and Business Translation and after +10 years of working experience in finance and consulting I provide my clients with translations related to finance, business and law, as well as offer proofreading and transcription services. I am native Hungarian, lived in Germany and Spain before moving to Colombia. I help companies to communicate efficiently and convey messages from one culture to another. I am regularly translating financial documents, corporate policies and communications, legal contracts and marketing material. I am passionate about tourism and have a travel blog about Colombia.

What my clients say

How is it working with me

Knowing what to expect and when will ensure you get the best possible outcome. Check out the steps of my translation process.

What is the next step

Do you have documents you need to translate to Hungarian? Contact me today and let's talk about the details!