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5 Reasons Why to Work with a Freelance Translator

Once you have made the decision to reach out to an international audience the next step is getting your content translated. You’ll need to choose whether to work with a translation agency or with a freelance translator. Each option has its merits.

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Can't Read, Won't Buy: Why Language Matters on Global Websites

Back in 2014, Common Sense Advisory (CSA), a research company that focuses on global business and commerce conducted an international survey on localization and its impact on sales all around the world. Localization improves customer experience and increases engagement in the brand dialogue. There should be a rigorously planned and executed business strategy for any company looking to grow internationally.

But what exactly were the findings?

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Reaching Hungarian Consumers Online

Thinking of selling to the Hungarian market? You might find the following data useful.

1. E-commerce sales and customers

Hungarian consumers are tending to increasingly favour online shopping. This sector had a turnover of EUR 1.6 billion in 2017, accounting for more than 5% of total distribution trade.

2. Social media

About 83% of Hungarian internet users between the ages of 16 and 74 use social networks.

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